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Delivery time


Country Delivery time
Belgium 1-2 workingdays
Bulgaria 3-5 workingdays
Denmark 6-8 workingdays
Estonia 4-6 workingdays
Finland 2-3 workingdays
France 2-3 workingdays
Germany 1-3 workingdays
Greece 2-4 workingdays
Great Britain 2-3 workingdays
Ireland 2-4 workingdays
Italy 2-4 workingdays
Luxembourg 2-3 workingdays
Malta 2-4 workingdays
Netherlands 1-2 workingdays
Austria 2-3 workingdays
Poland 2-4 workingdays
Portugal 2-4 workingdays
Romania 2-5 workingdays
Sweden 2-3 workingdays
Slovakia Republic 2-3 workingdays
Slovenia 2-3 workingdays
Spain 2-4 workingdays
Czech Republic 2-3 workingdays
Hungary 2-4 workingdays
Cyprus 3-6 workingdays
Lithuania 2-4 workingdays
Latvia 3-5 workingdays
Rest of Europe 1-6 workingdays


Country Delivery time
United States 5-8 workingdays

Rest of the world

Country Delivery time
Rest of the world 5-8 workingdays


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Factors that can influence the delivery time

A number of factors can influence the delivery time. Your order may deviate for example due to:

  • Local holidays
  • Dealing with customs in the country of destination
  • Strikes or other special events in the country of destination
  • The address you have given us is incomplete or incorrect