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Return policy

If you want to return your order, then follow the following steps:

1. Contact us by e-mailing Mention in the e-mail that you would like to return the contact lenses. Also state in the e-mail your full name, your order reference, date of receipt, the product details (color, type, etc.) and the number you want to return.

2. You will receive an e-mail with the address details to which you can return the products and the amount that you can receive back for the products. Send the products. (make sure that the product (s) are sent in a strong envelope and the address is clearly stated.) Opticcolors is not liable for lost returns. Write your own details in or on the return package so we can know from who it comes. )

3. You will receive the amount of your return within a few working days on your account.

Return conditions:
- The costs for returning are for the consumer's own account.
- We only accept returns of a value higher than 10 euros.
- Returned products must arrive unopened, clean and in good condition.
- Products can only be returned within 14 days of receipt.