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Color Lenses Instructions Opticcolors


- Consult your contact lens practitioner for prescription, before using any eye medication while wearing your contacts lenses.

- Do not use if tamper-evident seal is damaged.

- In the event of persistent eye irritation, discontinue use immediateley, remove lens from the eye and consult your contact lens practitioner.

- Keep all contact lens care products away from children.

- Do not remove cap from case during contact lens storage.

- Do not allow the nozzle tip to touch any surface.

- Always replace bottle cap after use.

- Do not rinse contact lenses or lens case with water directly from tap.

- You need permission from a contact lens specialist to use these contact lenses.

- Your lens storage case should be cleaned regularly and changed frequently as recommended by your contact lens practitioner.

- To ensure that eye safety is not compromised, you should never re-use the solution. If lenses are stored for more than 7 days in the solution, it is recommended  that you repeat the disinfection procedure.

- Do not use after expiry date indicated on product.